Elephant Walks Towards The Doctors But Her Right Front Leg Looks Strange…

Mosha the elephant was only two years old when she lost her leg in a landmine injury along the Thai-Burmese border. But that’s when Dr. Therdchair Jivacate, an orthopedic surgeon, stepped in to help her. He has been working with the world’s first elephant hospital in Thailand in order assist injured elephants like Mosha. Dr. Jivacate managed to fit Mosha with the first prosthetic leg ever designed for an elephant.

As the little elephant grew up, she needed to be fitted for prosthetic legs every now and then. It has already been 15 years since Dr. Jivacate did the life-changing operation on her foot, but Mosha still remembers him. I am sure she is never going to forget him for the rest of her life! Dr. Jivacate and his team are incredible for all they do to help these beautiful animals.

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