Stressed Parrot Plucks Out His Feathers, Until Patient Stranger Gives Him The Love He Always Wanted

There are lots of neglected animals on the planet, and there is nothing more saddening. The consequences of abandonment takes a toll on them and it hits them the hardest. Just take a look at this neglected parrot for example. This poor thing found himself abandoned a few months ago. And it was not really easy for him. He went through more than a few foster families and all of them returned him because he had some serious aggression issues.

As time passed, the parrot, who was once very cute and adorable, become so stressed and anxious that he started plucking out his own feathers. Many people would have been appalled and repulsed because of his appearance, but not his new mom. Despite his insensitive behavior and his somewhat harrowing exterior, this kind woman decided to take him under her care. And to everyone’s surprise she managed to make the strongest connection with him.

She has lovingly named the parrot “Chicken Man”. The birdie has now found a forever home with her and he is the happiest he has ever been! And the same can be said about his owner. Their bond really changed the parrot for good. Chicken Man was nervous and fretful at first, but he started to warm up to his new home and bonded with the family. His feathers started to grow back too! This story just goes to show us what a little love can do! Check out this touching video below! What did you think about this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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