It has been suggested that the name “Beagle” comes from the French term “begueule,” which means “open throat” from bayer and “mouth” from gueule, from the Gaelic word “beag,” which means “little,” or from the German word “begele,” which means “to scold,” as stated by Cesars Way. In addition, the term “beagle” referred to any hound dog during the Middle Ages.

Can you imagine this cute little furrball with his angry face and sharp scary teeth? The Beagle is the ideal breed of dog for me because of its size and temperament. You won’t appear like a wimp if you own a Beagle, but they also won’t be able to knock you over like a small dog or a monster-sized large breed would. Excellent, right?

Funny happy beagle dog walking

This video will make you fall in love for sure. The way the beagle jumps out of the car’s hatch when the dog’s mom opens it is amazing. This is so heartwarming and funny at the same time because something like this is likely to make just anyone happy and laugh out loud. The excitement and enthusiasm of the beagles are adorable.

“A common weekend adventure for myself and best friend is to take our dogs to the local dog park where they have an off-leash policy,” writes the dog mom. “The dogs love traveling in the car, so getting them in is never an issue. We just open the door and in them all hop.”

Beagle Surprise

She adds, “Coming home is a bit more challenging to load them as they really enjoy swimming in the dams chasing tennis balls. It’s usually a few hours well spent and the dogs love it. When we returned home, they were all sleeping but looked like sardines in a tight tin can so I wanted to film them jumping out of the car. This was the result.” Watch the full video below!

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