Cruel Mom Viciously Kicks Her Daughter For Failing To Pose In A Fashion Shoot

Sometimes, some children are made to face hard training and assume adult roles all in the name of fulfilling parents/guardian ambition and dreams. Such children are overworked and made to fit into a mold at their own detriments. When they rebel, punishments are melted out on them without any consideration given to their tender age. Niu Niu is a victim of such circumstance as seen in this video. She suffered brutally from her mother for not posing well on stage.

It happened that this little model had been involved in fashion shoot pageants for about six months. She models outfits poses in different ways before the camera to show off some details of different clothing. After a particular photoshoot session, Niu Niu got the beating of her life off stage. A stranger caught her mother kicking the three-year-old girl because she didn’t pose just like she should have on the stage.

This is only three and has already begun dealing with pressures from her mother who uses her to make earns meet. The girl was rescued by the stranger passerby. The video went viral and online audience reacted accusing the woman of child abuse. Niu’s mum has been said to publicly apologies for her action, though, she refutes claims that the punishment is linked to her photo-shoot underperformance. She defends her actions by saying “No parent could claim that they have never beaten their child. I rarely beat my child normally.”

What how heartless this mother is. The little girl almost fell from the impact of the kick. SHARE this video, save a girl going through a similar experience.