Man Parks In The Middle Of Traffic To Help Grandpa Cross The Street

Navigating traffic can be a tough job. Rush hour is a pain, and people are trying to cut you off all the time. What’s worse is when you’re cruising at your own pace, and everything comes to a standstill. This can be due to accidents, constructions, or tow-trucks. Nevertheless, it will get under your skin.

There was a complete halt in traffic when E’Ondria Weems was driving down the highway. She looked around and saw a truck parked in the middle of the road. Furthermore, there was no apparent reason for the stop. That is until she saw the event and recorded it.

Man helps cross road

A man was standing on the road with his truck blocking traffic from both lanes. That man was Justin Jackson. He was driving when he saw an elder gentleman trying to cross the street. The man was using a walker and was struggling to cross the road. However, cars were zooming by without care. That’s when he decided to step in.

Jackson expressed that he helped the man because he wanted to do good. Above all, he tried to set a good example for his kids, who were inside the truck when it happened.

Watch the incredible act of kindness down below!

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