This man was arrested for Voyeurism of a 12-years-old girl-This mother caught the culprit right on time

Doris is a mother of a 12-year-old from Utah. This mom’s story went viral after she posted the video of a predator. The culprit was a grown man who was filming Doris’s daughter changing in the girl’s room.

After catching the disgusting act, this mama bear went straight up to him and started filming him. The man was 36 year old Leon Alfaro. This man was up to no good and Doris caught him right on time. He was clearly ashamed of his actions after Doris caught him.

This strong mother was very traumatized. She stood up for her daughter regardless of how dangerous the man might have been. In fact, we can totally understand the plight of this mother. Thankfully, the police came in time and arrested Leon. Alfaro is guilty of the act.

Hopefully, many other children will be saved because of Doris’s brave action. Watch the full story below!

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