Different animals have different personalities. Some of them love attention, while some of them don’t want to be messed with. This feisty llama-alpaca hybrid falls on the latter category. She brought some drama to an unwanted visitor, who she then chased out of her enclosure. In this amusing clip, we get to see Brian Barczyk, the producer of Animal Bytes TV, taking on the role of zookeeper for the first time. We also get to see him being chased by an enraged llama hybrid. And it is quite hilarious.

Brian doesn’t really have any reservations around reptiles and other creepy crawlies. So when he volunteered at the Tri State Zoo in Maryland, he decided to be around some mammals for a change. He was assigned the task of cleaning the pen belonging to the llama-alpaca hybrid, Misty. What follows next is pure chaos! The poor man didn’t get a warm welcome from the four year old animal. Some creatures are very territorial, and Misty seems to be one of them.

Misty wants her pen to herself, and she doesn’t want anyone interfering with her things. When she spots the unwanted guest, she does everything to chase him out of her pen. It’s really hard to distinguish if she is furious or she wants to be his friend. You will be in stitches when you see Brian being forced to flee the enclosure! As it turns out, Misty behaves in this way with everyone! Check out this funny video below!

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