Unexpected Twist of Events Help Rescue a Missing 2-year-old Girl

Luck knocks on your doors unexpectedly. And when one chooses to act accordingly, another life gets rescued from the claws of danger. For US citizens, receiving an Amber Alert may be disheartening. But if we can use such facilities to save someone, it is easy to swap the sorrow with joy.

The following video features Stephen receives an Amber Alert. He figures out that a 2-year-old named Brooklynne Emerie Enix was kidnapped by her father, Tyler Enix. Tyler was also the alleged murderer of his wife.

Stephen claims, “God put me at the right place at the right time to do the right thing” as he saw the criminal’s car right in front of him. Little Brooklynne even waved at him from the window! Then there was no looking back for Stephen as he chased the car until the authorities caught Tyler and rescued the child.

WATCH this video to witness how luck was on Brooklynne’s side.

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