Military Dog Gets Adopted After Spending Her Life Saving Others

We have all heard a saying that goes “A dog is a man’s best friend”. This is actually a very true phrase.

This applies in real-life scenarios as well. A man with a dog will never really be unhappy. Instead, when a dog is raised by a man, he will always remain grateful and loyal to him. Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the whole world and we cannot deny the fact that we love dogs more than just any other animals to keep as pets.

This dog, Layka, saved so many people while she was a military dog. She even saved a man’s life and he is forever grateful to thoughtful Layka for her contribution to the lives of just not him but many other people as well. Layka deserves the world. We are glad that she is happy and safe with her new family.

This is just so wholesome. Watch the full video below!

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