This 5 Yr Old Went to Court for His Adoption Hearing. But Wait Till You See the People Behind Him!

It’s not uncommon for children to invite their friends to their birthday celebrations, play dates, or to other festivities. But this little kid invited his whole class to a unique commemoration— his adoption hearing!

Michael Orlando Clark Junior is an adorable Michigan boy with the biggest smile. No wonder David Eaton and Andrea Melvin wanted to adopt the 5-year-old. The Kindergartener looked ecstatic to go to his forever home finally. So, he brought along his classmates from Wealthy Elementary in East Grand Rapids to share his happiness. And share they did!

michigan boy michael

His friends and teachers all held their hearts and vouched for Michael in the courtroom. A buddy of Michael, Steven, even shared his feelings in court, saying, “Michael is my best friend.” They all cheered along with Michael as he hit the Gavel with his new parents and the judge. Furthermore, Michael couldn’t hold his feelings about his new Dad as he held the mic for his new Dad. This was indeed a fantastic day for everyone in the court! Watch the whole hearing below:

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