Woman Is Convicted Of Animal Cruelty, Judge’s Punishment Shocks The Whole Country

Animal cruelty is not something that should be dismissed. It has gotten way out of hand in recent years. One of the reasons for it is probably because the crimes are not punished appropriately. Not all cases are justly chastised. However, one Judge from Painesville, Ohio has been creating waves all over the country for his creative sentences. He took the internet by storm with his unconventional but satisfying punishment for the convicts.

Meet Judge Michael Cicconetti, a man who believes that traditional punishment doesn’t really work when it comes to minor crimes. According to research, it could even lead to increasing criminal rate, since the felons who spend their time in jail might end up becoming even smarter as time passes. Therefore, Cicconetti has been using some unusual punishments in his area for some time now, and the reports show only 10% of repeat offense in the area against the national average of 75%!


His method might be a bit over the top, but it works! Just take a look at this ruling featured in the video below for example. You are going to be impressed when you hear his full story! Learn about Cicconetti’s creative punishments below! Do you agree with him? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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