Rude Woman Keeps Kicking Snow Onto A Cat’s Face And Karma Strikes Back

There are three types of people on Earth— those who love animals, those who are not quite fond of them and the worst group is the hypocrites. It is sickening to see people who claim to love their pets but cannot stand someone else’s. Just because animals cannot speak, we do not have the right to hurt them and do as we please. Surely, the lady in the video needs to learn a thing or two about being an animal lover.

The video features an unnecessarily rude woman kicking snow onto a cat’s face. With the chilly winds already being cruel, it is clear that the cat does not want to get irritated any further. However, probably enjoying the cat’s initial helplessness, the woman continues kicking it. But something unexpected happens next!

WATCH how the woman gets a taste of karma as the cat pounces on her face after receiving her kicks. Unexpected but totally deserving!

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