Birth Mom Records A Heartbreaking Message For Son Before Adoption

There are no doubts about a mother’s love. They would do everything in their power to protect and give the best life for their child, sometimes to the extent of parting from them. There are some unfortunate instances wherein a mother reaches a critical moment in her life where she feels that she can no longer provide and care for her child and that the only way for both of them to survive is to give the child up for adoption. As hard and painful as it is for the mother, extreme measures such as this happen all the time.

In this heartbreaking video, we see a newborn baby boy named Taggart Cayden Marsh. Cayden has apparently been adopted by a loving couple who are willing to love and take care of him for the rest of his life. His biological mom, Hannah has decided to make a goodbye video for Cayden to cherish their short moment together as his two days with her is finally over– with only an hour left before they say their final goodbyes. Cayden will be taken away for good by his new parents and will be living with them from thereon. As Hannah says goodbye to his beautiful baby boy, she lets him know how much she loves him dearly and explains why she has done what she did.

Hannah tells Cayden a short story from when he was still in her tummy. Apparently, Cayden’s father passed away before he was even born and that his mother realized that she could not take care of Cayden all by herself. It was hard for Hannah to see her baby get adopted for he is the only piece of remembrance she has of his deceased husband. In the video she made, she also tells her baby that she is in not capable to provide and give his needs, thus seeking the help of his adoptive parents to take care of him and give him the best life that she cannot. Hannah and Emily, Cayden’s adoptive mom became very good friends in the process. She trusts her with her life, and now also entrusts her with Cayden’s.

Watch one of the most painful goodbyes below.

Throughout the whole video, you can feel the mother’s great love for her son. She expresses great pain for what she has done but for her baby’s sake, she is willing to sacrifice everything, even if it hurts a great deal. With such a brave thing to do it is still the most painful moment for any mother to go through such a heartbreaking experience.

We all hope and pray that Hannah is doing fine now, and that Cayden is well-loved and cared for by his new family.

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