He neglected his mom for many years, until he got this heartbreaking call & realized his mistake

A mother’s love is unconditional and always pure. They will always love their children no matter what. There is nothing their child can do that will make their mother stop loving them. They sacrifice so much for their kids, and always put their happiness before their own. But sadly, mothers don’t always get the respect and love that they deserve. We have all been guilty of treating our mothers badly at least once in our lives.

But no matter what, we should always be loving towards her. Life is really unpredictable, and you can never tell what can happen to a person within a day. This story is about Marc Mero and his mom. She always believed in him and encouraged him, but her encouragement was embarrassing for Mero. He never gave her enough time, and even if she tried to spend time with him, he would just ignore her or at times, even be rude to her.

But everything came crashing down one day. He was in Japan when he heard the bad news. He got a call from home, and he was told that his mother had passed away. He was so shocked that he ran towards the middle of the street! There was nothing he could do to bring her back, and he was so sad that at the funeral, he couldn’t even look at her. He finally mustered the courage to walk up to her casket, and that is when he regretted everything.

He apologized to her, and felt a lot of regret. But nothing can change the fact that he lost his mom, the only one who believed in him, forever. This is a powerful message to all of us. Let’s spend time with our moms, even if it’s for a few minutes every day. You never know when she might not be there anymore. Check out this emotional video below:

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