This Additive Might Make You Think Twice Next Time You Buy Meat…

Everyone who loves to eat meat knows how addictive it can be. Most people eat meat to mostly gain protein from it.

However, butchers have a dark secret to keep from the meat consumers. They do not want to reveal a secret that will cause a lot of consumers to stop eating meat completely. Some meat we buy in the market is not exactly made from “natural” parts of the animal.  It turns out some butchers use “meat glue” to turn scraps into what looks like real premium cuts, sold at a premium price.

The “glue” is actually an enzyme called transglutaminase, which is either synthesized from the cultivation of bacteria or made from the blood plasma of pigs and cows. It’s used in many things, from crab balls to chicken nuggets.

Some might find it amusing, how they glue meat together to make it look like a real premium cut, such as tenderloin or roast. I personally find it a little distasteful–I would prefer not to have known about this!

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