Marine Gives Up Victory To Help This 9-Year-Old Boy Struggling To Finish The Marathon

Life is a race, you got to win it! Pretty sure all of us have tried to keep up with this motto. The chance of losing is 50% but we never even consider it while competing. However, sometimes a good intention is what it takes to give up the winning prize.

Lance Corporal Myles Kerr participated in a charity marathon in Charlevoix, Michigan in 2013. He was running along with his fellow Marines to bag the $5000 prize but a little boy changed his mind. The following video features a kid named Boden Fuchs who is struggling to keep up with the marathon. He just needed his friends’ company to run along but he lost track of them on the way. Eventually, the lonely boy reaches the Marine and requests him, “Sir, will you please run with me?”

The forlorn child’s request made Kerr give up his chance at victory. He chose to slow down and run along with the child while sharing words of encouragement. This gesture instilled the viewers’ dying faith in humanity whereas Kerr did not feel like he did anything heroic. He believes, “I was just doing what any man would do.”

The picture shared by the SEAL of Honor Facebook page in 2013 has crossed over 61,000 and 21,000 comments. Check the video below to witness a true hero’s heart of gold.

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