Couple See Senior Beagle Being Given Away for Free Online and Rush to Save Her

Being an animal can be very hard in the human world. Humans are not the kindest towards animals at all times.

Among all the other animals, the most common that people keep as pets are dogs. Dogs have been the best animal to keep as they are very loyal as well as helpful to humanity. However, we cannot say the same about humans as they aren’t even half as kind to animals as they are to us at many times. Maple the Beagle was given or free and this couple knew that they should be the ones to get him.

The dog was simply traumatized and saddened by everything that had been taking place in his life. Maple was soon taken in by the couple and they tried to give the dog the best treatment they could. Eventually, Maple has learned to live with a sense of familiarity and security with the couple and their other rescue dog.

This is heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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