Stray Dog Who Chases After Woman on Beach Turns Out to Be a Treasure in Disguise

Dogs are always a treasure in disguise. Only those who love dogs know how precious they really are.

This is one of the most heartwarming things you will ever find on the internet if you also love dogs. As for me, I love dogs very much. They are simply one of the most adorable animals in existence. It is just as safe to say that they make the lives of humans better as well. Valia was chased by a dog at the beach and she could not get her mind off the dog for two straight nights.

That’s when she decided to save the dog. Blue is a very happy-spirited dog whose aura and presence are enough to make just anyone happy and positive. After Valia saved Blue, she has become a therapy dog. A therapy dog suits Blue very well considering her nature and how amazing she really is.

This is amazing. Watch the full video below!

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