Dad Who is Afraid of Needles Comforts New Baby Boy While He Gets First Shots

Being a parent comes with a lot of challenges. Amongst all things, the most challenging thing is seeing your child go through pain. You wish you can just take away all the things that’ll hurt them. But every person has to go through tough times to grow. Likewise, this Dad comforts his son as he goes experiences a painful experience in the sweetest way possible!

Antwon Lee is a new Dad of a sweet baby, Debias King. And he adores his son! But there is one thing the man was dreading for when the little boy turns two months. He and his partner Shamekia Harris take their baby to the pediatrician for a routine checkup and three vaccines! But the twist, there is something the new Dad is terrified of— needles!

baby vaccine shot

At first, the loving father holds his baby as the doctor administers him with oral vaccines. Moreover, he uses this time to get his son ready for his very first vaccine shots! He even assures the little man that it’s okay to cry. Then, the nervous Dad puts the tiny baby in the bed and braces for the injections. Furthermore, the poor baby cries with every shot, but it’s the Dad who seems hurt with every pinch. But everything is alright as baby Debias calms down as soon as his Daddy holds him again. Awww! Watch the sweet video below:

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