German Shepherd Has the Sweetest Reaction as He Meets Tiny Kittens for the First Time. My Heart is Melting

Many people hold the notion that dogs and cats don’t get along. However, we have seen so many examples where this is just not true. Dogs are social creatures and most breeds have the breed to get along with almost anyone, including cats as well. Cats might not be as openly friendly as their canine counterparts, but if they like someone, they make sure to make it known. This is true even for dogs—they aren’t afraid to show their love if they like a dog too!

If you’re still in doubt, just take a look at this amazing video shown below! In this video, a new mother cat took her kittens to her German Shepherd friend. The cat and dog look like they’re old friends, but the kittens had never see the big dog before. But the cat made sure to show her babies that the dog is not scary or dangerous, and that they have nothing to be worried of when they are with him. When the owners saw the adorable moment unfolding before their eyes, they just had to film it all!

They were ready to comfort the kittens if they got a little too nervous around the dog. But what they didn’t take into consideration was the dog’s reaction to the new members to his family. The gentle dog took a look at the kitties closely, but he didn’t do anything to startle or scare them. He stayed in his lane, and was very cautious around the little ones—maybe he didn’t want to make a bad impression! Check out the full video below:

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