Frugal carpenter spent his whole life working so he could send 33 strangers to college

It’s a fact that not everyone can afford college. Many high school graduates cant go to college even if they want to. Some, like Kira Conard, know what they want to achieve in their life like becoming a therapist. But have to sacrifice their dreams because of their financial situation.

However, a kind Iowan made Kira’s and 32 other’s dreams a reality. Dale Schroeder grew up in a poor family. Due to this, he couldn’t afford to get a higher education even in a time when tuition wasn’t as expensive. So, this hardworking man donated all his life savings to send 33 strangers to college. According to his attorney, Schroeder managed to save just less than 3 million dollars. He saved all this money by living a frugal lifestyle. To be specific, he only owned two pairs of jeans!

iowa dale

His scholarship has helped everyone tremendously. The 33 people gather around dale’s lunchbox every once in a while. Not only do these strangers have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, they now have a community who share Dale’s legacy. The only condition that Dale had was that the recipients pass it on. Watch Dale’s full story below: