Suspicious couple enters a gas station store. Employee goes with his gut and ends up saving the woman’s life

Have you ever tried to do something, but then you get a strange feeling that tells you it’s wrong. Or when meet someone or talk to them, and you start getting butterflies in your stomach. These feelings are called “gut feelings” or instincts. But if you’re a non-believer, this video is sure to change your mind.

It was a regular day at a gas station in Philadelphia. Manveer Komer was doing his job as he used to. He then notices a man and a woman walking into the store. But there was something off about them, and he could sense it.

man saves from potential kidnapping

Komer thinks they’re a regular couple who are arguing. Yet, he keeps his eyes on them. The two go straight to the ATM and try withdrawing money. But it doesn’t work. So, the woman pays for the man’s cigarettes with her credit card. Komer gets more suspicious at this point and decides to go with his guts.

As the two try to leave, Komer immediately walks to the door and stop the woman from leaving the store. But the man is already out. The surveillance footage shows Komer having a conversation with the man outside. The man puts his hand inside his pocket as if pulling out a gun. So, Komer immediately gets inside. The man then storms off on the woman’s car as she sits inside the store safe. Thus, he saved her life from a potential kidnapper.

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