Wrongfully Imprisoned Man is Released After 36 Years. His Reaction to Freedom Will Bring You to Tears

Not everyone who goes behind bars is innocent. From deadly crimes to pickpocketing, the prisoners have their fair share of guilt. But Michael was an exception.

Imprisoned in 1978, Michael Hanline served over 36 years in the dark. He was blamed for the murder case of a biker named J.T.McGarry.

The biker from California was missing for few days. Authorities later on found his body. Upon Investigation, Innocent Michael was accused of crime. Later, it was found that many shreds of evidence were hidden from the lawyers and officers.

Nevertheless, Michael contacted the California Innocence Project to re investigate his case. After 20 years of conviction, he was finally released. Even DNA test showed negative hence proving him not guilty for the accuse. Watch the full video here.


You will be warmed, seeing him look at his first fresh air after 36 years of imprisonment. Moreover, his case was declared as the most extended wrongful imprisonment in the history of California.

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