Man Renovating Pool House Finds Hilarious ‘Treasure’ Left Behind By WoodPeckers

When remodeling a house, homeowners often find bizarre and priceless artifacts hidden behind the walls. Used currency, a stack of old newspapers, and a few other mementos. But while remodeling his pool house, Mark Von Thaden of California stumbled upon an unusual and fascinating treasure.

Mark decided to rebuild the sidings, but after removing the wooden panels he saw that the walls were riddled with holes left by woodpeckers. But the woodpeckers weren’t looking for food; they were using the pool house as if it were a gigantic pantry.


The man is happy with the discovery but then again it did shock a lot of people how the man found something like this at such an off place and at an equally odd time. He was just renovating his pool house and we are sure he didn’t expect to find such a treasure.

The moment this clueless man peels back some insulation back the acorns pour out. The “treasure trove” of acorns reminds me of a bulk food bin filled with nuts. Well, something like this has to be considered a treasure because those woodpeckers probably spent some time collecting them.


Mark isn’t quite as impressed by his own finding as the people who have been watching his video. “Oh, how I hate woodpeckers,” he sighs exasperatedly.

The woodpeckers’ frustration is understandable; they stuffed so many acorns into the hollow “tree,” but they were trapped within. Perhaps the resourceful birds eventually recovered the lost tree seeds. Who knows? Mark is just aware that the woodpeckers have left him a mountain of cleanup labor.

Watch the full video below!

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