Man Tries Robbing Clerk Trained in Martial Arts and, It Doesn’t Go Well

Have you ever thought of taking combat classes? A robber or gangster may attack you anywhere and anytime. So, what will be your defenses against them? Well, luckily, this man took martial arts classes just in time. An unexpected attacker arrives at this clerk’s store, but he is ready for what’s about to hit him.

It had been two years since Ebrahim Gawargi took martial arts classes. And one day, his skills were put to the test. When a robber assaults the clerk and tries to take $600 from him, his years of training finally came to use. However, it wasn’t an easy fight. Both the men were landing a couple of blows towards each other, and it lasted for a good several minutes. But the robber was dealing with a martial artist, and he goes on to surprise him with mindblowing moves. In this head-to-head battle, the ferocious clerk became the real victor.

The robber got arrested for unarmed robbery and assault. Ebrahim’s martial arts teacher was genuinely impressed with him. He used all the right techniques at the right time and saved the day. And even if the robber looks much bigger and stronger than him, he proves his fighting skills. Therefore, try learning some necessary combat training skils. You never know when you might need them.

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