Man With Only One Day Off Spends It in Tombstones But Wait Till You See Who Is It

Not all heroes wear capes. Some hold a toothbrush and Q-tip and still manage to do the most heartwarming deed not everyone else can.

Andrew Lumish is a man from Florida. This man has a special ability to clean graves of long-forgotten war veterans. Instead of going to brunches or fishing on a Sunday, this kind man spends his day cleaning the oldest graves in the cemetery. Andrew has already finished cleaning graves from over 600 graveyards.

This man can make the oldest and the dirtiest grave look like a new one. He has his own tricks and ways for that. After he is done cleaning, the graves always look as good as new. He then posts the before and after pictures of the graves on his social media. Andrew calls himself a good cemetarian.

We can surely accept that Lumish has the best way to honor the long-forgotten brave war veterans. Watch the full video below!

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