Man Despises Cats Until He Pets a Blind One – Now, They’re Inseparable!

Patrick Corr was not very fond of cats or having pets at first. However, his path crossed with an adorable blind cat and he instantly fell in love. Patrick found Stevie in desperate need of a safe home and adopted her immediately. He even named this cat Stevie!

He did not only save the cat’s life but also got himself a loyal friend. And now, their bond is stronger than ever.

This little kitten follows Patrick everywhere he goes despite being blind. In a sweet video, he posted on their personal Youtube channel, Patrick films Stevie and himself as they go on hiking to a mountain. He mostly films their everyday life and posts it on his and Stevie’s Youtube channel.

This pet and owner has surely melted the hearts of many. Hopefully, they will get to enjoy more years happily together. Watch their video below!

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