Hero Mailman Sees Infant Alone In Street, Bursts Through Door To Find Mom Hunched Over Stroller

Stephen Garofalo has been delivering mail for the past three decades. He knows the small town of Wayne, New Jersey, like the back of his hand. Hence, he is acquainted with almost every resident.

Even with such a long term experience, Stephen never witnessed anything abnormal and out of the ordinary. However, the story proves he was quite ready if needed. The small city usually is quiet and peaceful. But little did the mailman know he was about to deliver more than just letters.

The postman makes his rounds early in the morning. One day, he saw a toddler running outside the house with no adult supervision. The 2-year-old was familiar, but he always had his mother present. This was an immediate red flag for Stephen. He rushed to the kid and asked the whereabouts of his mother. The boy then nervously pointed towards the house.

When Garofalo went inside, he saw the mother unconsciously lying near the stroller. He made a few attempts to get her attention. After receiving no response, he made no delay in alerting the police for emergency medical attention. He anxiously waited for help.

Furthermore, the postman stays put until the family received the care. Stephanie shares her deep respect for the man who gave her another chance in life. Please press play and watch this unique story. Do share your thoughts on the brave and swift act of kindness.

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