Viral Video Shows “Karen” Threatening to Kill Her Neighbor’s Dog Over a Wi-fi Password

Karens seem to take a whole new level of approach over the smallest matters. If you are unaware of the Karen culture, a few youtube searches will land you an abundance. They are a bunch of middle ages white women (typically) creating havoc.

Furthermore, these women are physically and emotionally unable to acknowledge their mistakes. Even go far as to blame cops over nothing. They are territorial for no apparent reason. In the viral TikTok video, we get to witness this crazy innate nature of Karens.

We are all guilty of using our neighbor’s password without their knowledge. However, once they change it, we run out of luck. And we don’t pursue much on the subject after that. Or so you would you think, right? However, surprisingly dreadful is the next door’s woman approach.

Because she somehow feels entitled to use her neighbors’ password for free. Once they change it, she was beyond ballistic. She goes to the family’s doorstep and yells them to come out for a conversation. Which the neighbor denies and stays inside, avoiding any physical confrontation. Needless to say, this doesn’t stop her. She goes on threatening to kill their dog. Please press play and watch this entitled conversation of a Karen. Do share your disbelief in the feed.

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