Every office incorporates a mixture of personality. At times, it’s understandable to fall behind on the schedule. However, some slouch away from work with never-ending excuses. While others, despite having issues, never miss their deadline. Such slacking behavior only means piled-up responsibilities that will catch up.

Nonetheless, the story belongs to the latter personality who never move sideways from their duties. The wildfire annihilated the city of  Santa Rosa, California, but the mailbox managed to survive. A cinematographer, Douglas Thron, flew his drone to film the devasting aftermath of careless behavior leading to such fires. During this session, the drone picked up a mailman driving through the wreckage. As mentioned above, the mailbox survived the fire. Hence like any other dedicated worker. Postal service officer Trevor Smith carried on his rounds.

Every day, he would find outgoing mails on the box. So, it didn’t matter if the city has vanished into thin ashes. Work comes first. The footage looks almost eery, similar to a plot from a haunting apocalypse movie. As if humanity is wiped off, leaving one white postal van on his respective duty. That being said, Trevor reserves all the respect for making the rounds. Even a raise for not dodging his duties.

Please press play and enjoy.

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