Husky Is Comfortably Sleeping On The Couch. Suddenly, A Kitten Approaches Him…

Cats and dogs are normally considered to be mortal enemies. But the hundreds of videos on the internet say otherwise. Dogs get along with cats just as well as they do with other animals. They are professionals when it comes to being friendly. And cats are not as detached as we think they are. Take a look at this cute video below!

This adorable cat in the video is named Farina, and her husky friend is called Maeby. Maeby was taking a quiet nap when Farina went up to her. She gives the husky a quick massage before turning the dog into the ultimate bed. She probably wanted to a cozy and warm spot to get a rest, but Maeby seems like an unusual choice. The pooch however has no complaints! These two make a beautiful pair, don’t they?

Watch this heartwarming video below! Did this bring a smile to your face? Let us know in the comments!

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