Owl Mama Lost Her Own Children – Now She Has Two Adopted Chicks

The loss of a child is devastating, even if you’re an owl. But here’s a heartwarming video that shows it’s possible to come back even from that kind of loss.

Robert E. Fuller is a British wildlife photographer and artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK. He monitors the behavior of animals and birds he takes pictures of. He posted two videos of this story and I’ve selected the shorter one for review.

The tawney owl mama, Luna, lost her own children this year when the clutch of three eggs failed to hatch. This was the second year in a row, so Robert decided to put two owl chicks he found abandoned on the ground in Luna’s nest.

“I regularly place orphaned or lost owlets into tawny owl nests and these birds accept the young chicks as their own. Their urge to protect and nurture is strong,” Fuller explains in a caption of one of his YouTube videos.

“The first time Bomber the tawny owl [Luna’s mate] discovers the two rescued chicks I placed in the nest he seems very excited. But Luna seems a little protective and doesn’t let him too close just yet. She lets him have a quick look then guides him out of their nest with a firm claw on his leg as if to say, now go and get them some food,” Fuller remarked.

This is simply wholesome. Watch the full video below!

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Also, if you want to watch more about Luna’s journey, check out this longer YouTube video.