Man Finds Lost Husky on Railroad Tracks – Drops Everything to Find Her Owner

Here’s a heartwarming video about a guy who goes above and beyond what’s expected when he finds a lost animal, inspiring us all.

We don’t find out the man’s name, but we see he’s clearly a dog lover when he’s driving down the road, sees a husky near the train tracks and immediately gets out to try to entice the dog to come with him so he can find it’s owner.

He sees the dog has a collar, notices it’s clean and well fed, so he knows it is someone’s pet. He assumes it has a microchip so he takes it to a nearby vet and finds to his surprise that there’s no chip.

He begins posting on social media to try to find the dog’s owner and in the meantime takes her home to his wife and family. The wife is strident: “We can’t have a third dog!” Luckily for the wife, the owners do get in touch with the man and claim the dog.

Watch the full video below to see the bittersweet good-bye! And don’t forget to leave us a comment on Facebook!

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