This nostalgic video of Peggy March’s hit will remind you of the golden years!

The ‘60s was an incredible year for music. Artists like Bob Dylan, Beach Boys, and The Beatles were peaking. Undeniably, it was an excellent year for Pop. We can see the path these legendary songs have paved for the music of today. One significant influence is Little Peggy March, and her hit song ‘I Will Follow Him.’

Peggy march got her big break in 1963. She recorded her song ‘I Will Follow You’ with English lyrics to Franck Pourcel’s instrumental music, “Chariot.” The song was a hit and reached No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, it spent three weeks in the top position. Consequently, this made 15-yr-old March the youngest female artist to have a single top of the US charts. It became one of the Grammy Award Nominees in the category of Best Rock and Roll. 

peggy march


Not only is the song catchy and fun, but the video is also on trend for that time. Peggy March is in the front singing lead while background dancers dance along to the music. Watch the black and white music video below:

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