This talented librarian wants to wow the judges with his poetry. But it has a twist!

Talent shows are entertaining to watch now and then. For that reason, people tune into shows like Britain’s Got Talent. People from all walks of life come here to perform their acts. Moreover, these shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent and get recognition.

Eugene, the Librarian, came on stage with the same hope. With his audition, Eugene hoped he could impress the judges with his talent— poetry. Straightway, one of the judges, Piers Morgan, hits the reject button. Undoubtedly, he made a huge mistake. He even says so himself while giving commentary.

eugene librarian

Surprisingly, it turns out that Eugene doesn’t even exist. Eugene is the creation of Adam Gitlin, a dentist. He made the alter ego so he could enter into the space of standup comedy. His second persona is a self-deprecating poet. He even received a standing ovation for the act. Simon Cowell also described the performance as “pretty remarkable.” This act has gone viral after it came out. Watch the fantastic video below!

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