Girl Asks Santa to Bring Deployed Dad Home. But Then a Christmas Miracle Happened

Children still believe in the magic of the world. In the holiday season, they have complete faith in the jolly white-bearded man who lives in the north pole. Likewise, this little girl talks to Santa about her holiday gift. But it’s not what you think.

This little girl comes to Santa dressed like one of his hardworking elves. She is adorable, but what she asks the man in red warmed my heart. Ella asks if Santa got the letter she sent him. When he answers, “was it a for a sleigh ride?” She says it’s for Papi! Her father is deployed in the army. So all she wished from Santa was to bring her Papi home on his sleigh. Awww. But wait, did you notice the person in the back?

military santa wish

The jolly red man asks the adorable girl to turn around. At first, she thinks that it is so that they can take a picture together. Then, he tells Ella to turn around to see more Santa magic. That’s when she sees her father. And her reaction is touching. Moreover, she thanks Santa for making her wish come true, and it is so sweet. You can watch the full clip of Ella’s reaction below:

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