Godfather Babysits Toddler While Appearing on Morning News Show – Then She Steals the Show

Kids are adorable even when they’re annoying when crying too much or nagging everyone. And especially when they do something unexpected. Just like this adorable kiddo who starts dancing in the middle of a live show.

Rick Rea is a playwright, and he has written the hilarious musicals “Fairly Potter” and its sequel “A Fairly Potter Christmas Carol.” And by reading the name, you could tell that they’re Harry Potter parodies. But during an interview at a local breakfast television channel to promote his show, he double-booked his duty. Maybe he forgot he had an interview scheduled, so he agreed to babysit his goddaughter.

little girl steals the show

Rick couldn’t back out of the babysitting duty, so he decided to bring his goddaughter to the studio. And the little girl had to accompany her godfather to the stage. He sits behind the keyboard with his goddaughter on his lap. The host introduces him and reveals his talent. Rick can come up with impromptu lyrics and sing it on the spot.

So, the host gives him a specific scenario and tells Rick to sing it for them. He puts his goddaughter down and starts to play the song. The goddaughter then walks off while he’s still singing. But a while later, the camera zooms in on the little girl on the other side of the stage. And she stands there listening to her godfather singing. But then, the girl starts to dance and ends up stealing the show.

WATCH the beautiful moment below.

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