Little Girl Experiences Rain for the First Time – Her Reactions Is Too Cute to Handle

Do you remember the first time you felt raindrops dancing on your cheeks? or the time the summer breeze blew the hair out of your face? Rain, wind, the sun can be a whole-body experience.

If you are parents, your kids have probably asked for permission to play in the rain. Usually, you would say no, explaining it’s cold out there, and they could get sick. However,  this clip might change the answer. Kayden is enjoying her first rain, and the internet is loving this experience. The toddler is amazed at the beautiful world before her eyes. With every drop that touches her skin, she turns around and says, wow, in the most adorable way possible.

Kayden’s mom even tries to get her inside, but the baby girl has not had enough. Screaming and shouting, the darling runs outside to play in the rain. Getting mixed up in our lives, we tend to forget the beauty of the world. Thankfully our kids can help us remind just how much we might be missing with their enthusiasm. So next time your kids want to play in the rain, don’t say “No,”

Just join them in the journey; later, you both can cozy up and enjoy warm soup. I hope this pure reaction from Kayden brings a smile to your face.

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