This Little Baby Is Only 17 Months Old, But Watch When She Sings “Amazing Grace”

This is no doubt one of the sweetest videos you will ever find on the internet. This little girl in the clip is only 17 months old. She is called Maya and she is the cutest little girl around. Maya is not only adorable, but she is also very talented. In the clip, her dad asks her to sing “Amazing Grace” for him. You are going to be stumped when you see the baby’s next move! The tiny lady doesn’t hesitate for even a second before she launches straight into the song!

She might be small, but she knows all the lyrics by heart! It is amazing. Most kids her age definitely wouldn’t be able to remember all of it as correctly as Maya did! Little ones her age tend to get distracted by the smallest of things. They usually get side-tracked and they go of running by the time a song comes to an end. But not Maya. When she is done with “Amazing Grace”, she starts humming out other songs as well!

After she finishes her first song, Maya goes on to belt out the “ABC song” and “You Are My Sunshine”. This talented baby really is a born performer, and I am sure she is going to go places! Wait till you hear her out yourself! What did you think about this precious video? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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