Lions Treat Woman Like Their Leader…But See What Happens Next

Large animals and people don’t always get along, but sometimes a friendship develops between humans and animals that is both fascinating and wonderful. This is one of those cases.

The lady featured in the video below from Animal Planet is named Or Lazmi. She is a petite woman who has befriended and raised a group of four stunning lions at a privately-owned wildlife park in South Africa. She’s known the lions since they were little cubs and there’s a sense of mutual respect amongst them. In fact, they treat her as the leader of their pride.

Lions are the second largest big cats in the world after tigers, often referred to as the “king of the jungle.” Lazmi raises public awareness of these beautiful predators by personally interacting with them. The wildlife park intends to release the lions from Lazmi’s pride into the wild once they are older, hoping to prove that the lions raised in captivity can ultimately be restored to their natural habitat.

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