Adorable Little Penguin Searches for a Friend. It was Amazing when They Finally Meet

Penguins, the flightless marines, can be cute as a button. With their colors shaped to illusion a suit and tie moment. The birds are generally known for being warm and enjoy themselves regardless of the situation. As the camera pans through the halls of Cincinnati Zoo, we meet Cookie, the little penguin.

Initially, Cookie is walking around in search of a close friend. He even knows where to find Chris. Once he reaches close to his owner, the adorable bird runs for a petting session. As he gets close enough, Chris began to pet the little guy.

However, Cookie has one weakness, he is very ticklish. So, even when he is just getting a pet, the birdie can’t stop laughing hysterically. Few minutes into the video, you find yourself smiling at the whole scenario. He really has one of that contagious laughter.

Please press play and enjoy this delightful experience.

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