Little Guy Had Enough of His Brother Crying for Wisdom Teeth – So He Took Matter on His Own Hands

The bond between siblings can withstand any amount of fight or disagreement. Regardless of the differences, brothers and sisters eventually pull through. Especially when they are young. Obviously, the closeness increases with time, but there is something special about that age and the company you hold.

Likewise, the video featuring below, where the little toddler comes to aid seeing his brother in stress. The family comes all way from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It’s the tooth pulling day, and imaginably it’s much scarier to a child. The mom was on camera duty while the dad prep his son. One of Quinn’s teeth was loose enough to be pulled out.


And the prospect of doing so was frightening to the boy. Initially, we witness Quinn crying, thinking about the possible pain the process might bestow upon him. Quinn’s father tries to calm him down while caressing his face. In the meantime, his little brother was eyeing the string attached to the teeth and the doorknob. Like Quinn, he wanted the pain to over in seconds. So, he decided to take some action and help his stressed big brother.

Please press play and enjoy Dillon’s rescue mission.

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