Science Says Left-handed People Are Quite Exceptional – Here’s Why

When your baby comes to an age of scribbling, let’s say they catch pencils with their left hand or grab a spoon with lefties. What would you do? Would you correct them right away? Or let them excel with their left hands. In a world full of right-handed people, you might wonder right is the only correct way to go.

But think again. Did you know that lefties use the right part of their brains the most? Which controls our awareness, insight, creativity, and productivity. As our brains are cross-wired lefties, stand with huge benefits when it comes to creation. The history is evident. The great minds of arts like Ludwig Van Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Pablo Picasso, Bill Gates, Nicole Kidman are all lefties.

Furthermore, the right part of the brain even helps in coordination which is an advantage to sports players. The relatively small group of lefties has excelled in the field. A study done in the US concluded left-handed people are divergent thinkers. Eight presidents in US history were lefties, including Barack Obama, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan.

In 2008 a study done in Illinois Research Consortium shed light on problem-solving techniques in right and left-handed people. The right-handed, break down the situation in different halves and solve accordingly. But the lefties approach the issue as a whole hence come up with a solution. After knowing all this information, would you still stop your child if their first instinct is to grab the crayon with their left hand?

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