Judges Can’t Get Enough of This 11-year-old’s Spunky Audition

It is not every day that a phenomenal talent comes on stage and steals everyone’s heart. However, little Lara is one of them.

Lara is only eleven years old but she is a great performer. When you see her perform, you can say that she is born for the stage and everything she does is simply phenomenal. I was very impressed by her performance in every possible way. She knows what’s going around and she does it very well. Lara impressed the judges just like she did every other person who saw her performance.

The judges started vibing to her dancy song and we can actually tell why so. This girl does not even seem like she is only eleven considering how good and expressive she is. Nothing in the world makes me happier than a little girl performing with all her heart and every ounce of confidence she has.

She indeed Shakes It Off’ed, everyone. Watch the full video below!

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