This Lady Baked a Massive Jaffa Cake During Quarantine. And It is So Impressive!

The British sure like their tea! And the world’s tastiest cakes and pastries have come about as something to accompany the hot beverage. One of these sweet delights is Jaffa Cakes. Moreover, it is named after Jaffa oranges because it has an orange jam between layers of a sponge base and a chocolate coating!

Found in most supermarkets, these cakes by Mcvitie and Price are only two diameters. But people love them! Moreover, Vanessa Cassidy used the opportunity of the lockdown to super-size the nation’s favorite sweet treat. Making a massive Jaffa Cake, she posted her creation to Rate My Plate, which is a popular Facebook page.

People in the group are blown away by the desserts’ massive size. Furthermore, they are ecstatic that they can cut it into pieces to share with their friends and family. All you need to make the base are 100g butter, 100g flour, 100g sugar, 1tsp baking powder, and eggs. Then comes slathering the sponge cake with orange jelly and coating it in a layer of dark chocolate. Now I know what I’ll be baking next! Watch the biggest Jaffa cake ever made here,

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