Two Men Stepped Behind the Mic. When They Started Singing “sh-boom”, You’ll Get Goosebumps

A cappella has been getting a moment in the spotlight, thanks to groups like Pentatonix and Home Free. If you’ve never heard of the musical group The Koi Boys, it’s about time you update yourself because this incredibly talented trio has been making waves across the internet! Nuz, Kevin, and Danny are the three guys that are giving the most entertaining singing performances ever!

Everything from their facial expressions, synced up dance moves, contagious energy, and stunning breathtaking voices make The Koi Boys a must-watch. These guys are definitely not something you get to see every day. In the following video, Nuz and Kevin can be seen singing the classic doo-wop song, “Sh-Boom”, and they really bring it on!

As soon as the music begins, they get into action. They start snapping their fingers to the beat, and it begins! Despite doo-wop being quite an old form of music, these guys have definitely kept it alive with their act. Their coordination with each other is just flawless, and you can’t help but be swept along with their feelings!

It’s safe to say that they did a great job of it. Let’s hope they continue putting out such amazing music!

Check out this amazing video below:

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