Little Boy Stops the Passerby With His Unbelievable Ukulele Rendition of “Classical Gas”

I’m sure everyone has wanted to pick up a musical instrument at some time in their lives. Moreover, it seems like a fun hobby to pass the time. However, not many of us do it. And even if we do, we just know how to play the basics. But when you hear this kid play the Ukulele, you’ll be left awe!

Whan Feng E began showing an interest in playing the Ukulele; he never got lessons from a tutor. Instead, his dad got him an instrument and taught him the basics. From there, the boy has been learning to play it himself. And although Feng never got formal guidance, his talent shone through. And in no time, he was playing in the busy streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

feng e

Sitting in the city center with only his Ukulele and an amp, Feng plays the strings flawlessly! His passion for the instrument shows as he performs “Classical Gas,” an instrumental piece by Tommy Emmanuel. Moreover, the Ukulele almost looks like a full sized-guitar in the young boy’s hands! But he doesn’t let it get in the way. In fact, he has full command of the strings and enjoys playing it. His effortless playing even includes some drumming on the side!

Watch the video below:

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