Baby Can’t Stop Laughing as Grandma Sucks on His Pacifier. It’s the Cutest Thing Ever!

This is a rainbow scene on a rainy day. If this is not cute, then how could cuteness be defined more? It is impossible not to laugh after seeing this baby is making a red face after laughing so hard. Watch it.

Just a simple act as his Grandma randomly puts a pacifier in her mouth to make the baby engaged, and the baby starts to give this burst of laughter. Even Grandma must have thought, well, did I do something hilarious? After the first act, yet she couldn’t stop herself from laughing. What could a grandma make happy than seeing her grandchild laughing and making her laugh as well? In the video, we see Grandma noticing this boy being breathless after his continuous burst of laughter.

baby laughs at grandma

Little things in life we could learn from the baby that we need do not need the big something to make us smile. This video in itself is contagious to make you smile. Laughter is infectious.

Please share this with the world. Let them know that it’s okay to take a deep breath and laugh.