A Herd of Elephants Run Towards This Tractor Driver. The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

You can find friendship in the unlikeliest of places. This special bond is what makes life so unique. Moreover, it can occur between anyone of all ages, cultures, and nationalities. And in this case, species!

Kham La is a baby elephant who lives in Elephant Nature Park. She was born in 2011 and was rescued along with her mother. This naughty girl loves playing with the herd. But wait till you see her reaction when she sees Darrick, the tractor driver of the elephant sanctuary. Their bond between the man and the baby elephant is so special.

kham la

Whenever Kham La sees Darrick drive his tractor near her, she can’t help but run towards him. She trumpets a loud greeting, after which she gets her friend’s pets and cuddles. By this time, the whole herd is behind her waiting for their turn. Kham La’s name translates to Darling, which she absolutely is! Watch the two adoring friends meet each other in the video below:

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