Karma Quickly Catches Man Who Intentionally Scratches Someone’s New Car

The practice of intentionally scratching someone’s car, commonly known as “keying” because it’s typically done with one or more car keys, is in most cases an act of criminal vandalism. In this case, after keying two cars, the thief gets a little bit of instant karma.

It turns out the man who does the keying doesn’t really know cars very well because he walks around a new Tesla in an Alameda, California, mall parking lot without knowing that Teslas are equipped with what’s called “sentry mode” in which it’s exterior cameras begin recording when people approach the vehicle. This vandal then proceeds to use his car keys to make long, deep scratches in the right side of the car, making sure he gouges all four side panels.

He then changes clothes and proceeds to do it to another car, a Jeep Wrangler.

The Tesla owner comes out, sees the scratches and immediately reviews the car’s cameras to see what happened. Then he sets off to find the vandal in the parking lot–and he does! But of course the guy denies it and the situation escalates…

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